Zenande Mfenyana Speaks All Things Pregnancy

Zenande reminisces
Actress Zenande Mfenyana kept her fans appraised of her pregnancy by sharing bits of information about her pregnancy journey. She has not stopped doing so even though she gave birth to her baby some months ago. Every now and then she posts something that gives a glimpse of her life to her fans and makes her so relatable.
Today she bust a pregnancy myth that says if one has heartburn whilst pregnant the baby they a carrying will have a head full of hair. “The one myth about pregnancy that I found to be false was, ‘if you have hectic heartburn that means your baby has a lot of hair.’ Err ma’am I had hectic heartburn in my 3rd trimester and the hair struggle is real this side. Coconut oil is helping a bit but yeeyi I wanna do maphondo hle bathong.”
The actress also lamented how she was not one of those women whose bodies don’t show when they are pregnant. “Some women’s boy can keep a secret hey. I was already showing at 3 months,” Zenande posted. What do you remember most about your pregnancies Tea Squad?

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