Tumi Molefo Gave A Ghost A Lift

Tumi Molefo
Former Muvhango actress Tumi Malefo shared a disturbing encounter she had with a cult member who tried to initiate her. In a video Tumi narrated that she was driving home around 7pm when she saw a woman with a young child. She felt sorry for the woman as it was getting dark and was soon going to be dangerous for her to be alone in the road so she gave her a ride. Many people have stopped giving strangers rides because of the high incidence of hijackings. The actress’ experience just gave people another reason not to do so. As they were driving Tumi spotted a man walking in a white suit and her passenger said that man is a ghost. 5km later they pass a graveyard and woman says something freaky again. She says she died there, moghel starts panicking but chooses to ignore thinking maybe she misunderstood the woman or the woman misspoke. When Tumi is almost home she turns to ask the woman where she can drop her off only to find the woman gone. Tumi could not explain what had happened to the woman and shared that she believed it was an attempt to initiate her into a cult

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