Sho Madjozi Accused Of Stealing The Song John Cena

Sho Madjozi
You know Sho Madjozi’s first big hit, the song that really put her on the map John Cena. Well she might have stolen the song from someone. A man named Lloyd Ngavu says the song was his idea. Lloyd said he date Madjozi in 2017 before her career kicked off. He said all this on his whatsapp status. “Just to clarify things for the last time. Me and Sho Madjozi broke up in 2017. I wrote and marketed the song John Cena. It is my idea. I have no beef. It’s just that John Cena song belongs to Jozi records and if she wants to use it for her upcoming documentary she must come and apologise,” the whatsapp status read.
When asked to comment further Lloyd said the issue was being handled and resolved internally and he would be able to update them next week. The singer is currently vacationing in Rwanda and could not be reached for comment but her manager denied everything. “We are not shooting a documentary and Sho Madjozi owns that song. I don’t know who Lloyd Ngavu is,” the manager said. This is contrary to what Madjozi said last year. She said she was working on a documentary about the xibelani outfit she wore whist performing. And added that she would produce and direct the documentary which would focus on the history of the traditional Xitsonga outfit.

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