Robert Marawa Almost Died With Covid

Robert Marawa covid-19
Sports caster Robert Marawa shared the fight he had with Covid-19 that had him spending a week in ICU. The good news is he won the battle and has had such a speedy recovery that he could be back on radio by Monday. “I was recently diagnosed positive with Covid-19 and started self-isolation while not taking any medically prescribed pharmaceutical medication. What started out as flu-like symptoms quickly led to debilitating inexplicable fatigue without shortness of breath on day 8,” he narrated. Robert added that his blood oxygen concentration got as low as 92, that is when he got a chest X-ray done which showed he now had extensive pneumonia. This was when he was admitted into the ICU. The sports caster said what saved him was that he sought medical intervention soon and urged others to do the same. He thanked his family, close friends, supportive fans and healthcare workers for the roles they all played in saving his life. He concluded by issuing a warning. “The coronavirus is vicious on the body, it is a tough battle and I encourage you to take care of yourself and loved ones by following all the protocols put in place and even more so to seek medical attention sooner than later,” Robert said.

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