Pearl Thusi Says She Can Do It All On Her Own

Ever felt like you can do absolutely everything on your own but just dont want to? Well it is more common to women who have either had enough of relationships in and out, overly moneyed or just wired that way and one woman who is not wired that way is actress Linda Mtoba who confessed on her instagram stories that she can not do it without indoda.

And ofcourse Mihlali Ndamase who has made it her mission to die in the heel of indoda as said on her drunk makeup video with Lasizwe.

Now its the most bullied mother of a biracial child, ocean. Pearl Modiadie had a baby with a man of an opposite race and tweeps always remind her of how much she looks like a maid around her own son but pearl has made it clear that such doesnt anger her, because her son is the biggest blessing. Pearl broke up with her baby daddy shortly after birth and is now opening up about that part of her life.

Recently, she made it clear that she is the kind of woman who can handle it all on her own but just doesnt want to.

“I can handle everything on my own, but I don’t want to” she said.

Some of her fans agrees and said
“Tell me about it… Sometimes you need to just send a text or call someone’s son & say “Papa kopa otle le lebese le food colouring” Just nje for sweet waters”

Well tea squad which one are you?

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