Nandi Madida Stands Up For Her Husband

Nandi Madida
Actress Nandi Madida decided to stand up for her man musician Zakes Bantwini and remind people that they had done him dirty when he was only trying to help. Sometime this year Zakes tweeted that he knew four people who had passed away in one day because their ventilation had stopped working due to load shedding. People accused him of lying and he actually trended because of it.
A couple of days ago a lady showed a photo she had taken of a woman who appeared on eNCA. The woman was on oxygen and said whenever they were blackouts she had to wake up her whole family so they help her or stand by the window for oxygen. So many people were sympathetic to the woman’s plight and started asking why the president was not taking any action towards alleviating the problem. This is when the actress reminded tweeps that when her husband had said the same thing they called him a liar. “Zakes Bantwini and you tried highlighting this a few months ago. Twitter is really such a toxic platform at times. It’s sad people are going through such,” Nandi said.

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