Aka Sues Nota

Nota sued
So the ever opinionated Nota Baloyi might have to put his money where his mouth is. Nota has relentlessly being criticising AKA over Anele’s death. In one tweet he blamed AKA for not doing enough to help Anele like running downstairs and being with her in her last moments or driving her himself to the nearest hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance. He also said AKA was a drug user who abused his late fiancée. But it seems AKA has had enough of the criticism and took a page from his ex Bonang Matheba’s book by suing Nota.
Poet Ntsiki Mazwai made the shocking revelation on twitter. “So AKA is suing Nota,” she said and later added this, “We are living in an Era where you get sued for speaking the truth. What a gross abuse of the justice system we are seeing.” According to TshisaLive the music executive is being sued for R500 000.Nota’s twitter account has since been deactivated. However he is very much active on his Instagram account. He mentioned a lawsuit in a post, he did not say who was suing him. “Sue me once shame on me, sue me twice shame on you,” Nota’s post read.

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