Lasizwe Dambuza Speaks On Searching His Mans Phone

Lasizwe guy’s phone
Comedienne and Youtuber Thulasizwe Dambuza had some advice to give his female fans on twitter. “Don’t go through a man’s phone. Just don’t do it,” he said. He added a broken heart emoji and a sad face but did not share any more information. However the tweet created a platform for woman to share their thoughts and experiences when they did, some were funny others sad. Here are some of them,
It seems most women disagreed with him. One woman said it’s better you know what’s going on. “People will plan a whole wedding right under your careful,” she warned. Another said she does not only go through the phone she hacks and monitors it. One more said they even go to the extent of calling numbers they find suspicious. This fan had done it so much her man was now walking around with his phone and she couldn’t get a chance to go through it.
A few thought Lasizwe had the right idea and emphasized that trust was important in a relationship. “Do not go through anyone’s phone. It is the height of dishonesty. It is dead wrong. Decent, honest, well-brought up people would never think of doing this shocking sly thing,” another tweep shared. Which team do you belong to Tea Squad?

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