Zandile Khumalo’s Husband Was Found In Their Helpers Whatsapp

Zandi Khumalo
Musician Zandie Khumalo’s husband Mhlo Gumede played a prank on his wife recently. He took their maid’s phone and then posted this on her status, “My male boss is the best shame but female boss is such a monster.” Mhlo wanted it to seem like it is the maid who was saying this about Zandi.
The musician posted the screenshot of the status and explained in her caption. “So my husband takes our helpers phone and posts this on her whatsapp status before he leaves then 1 minute later he calls me and says baby uPretty check her whatsapp status. When she saw the status Zandi said she started sweating and coincidentally Pretty was also laughing. Zandi added she was going to kill her husband. She must have been really serious about killing Mhlo because when musician Shona Malunga offered to sit on Mhlo’s chest Zandi agreed to hire her. What most of her fans noticed was the fact that Pretty’s number was saved as Pretty home manager, this showed them how humble Zandie is and the fact that she treats Pretty like family.

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