Hauw Did The Thembisa 10 Take Mzansi For A Ride

Mzansi taken for a ride
South Africans were wowed when it was reported that a Pretoria woman gave birth to 10 babies at once, breaking the Guinness book of records which was held by a Moroccan lady who 9 babies. Their shock turned to happiness and empathy as plans to hold a national baby shower were put in place and several companies started donating hampers to the couple.
The only problem was the government was failing to confirm that such a thing had happened and people were failing to locate the family. The Tsotetsi family released a statement in which they confirmed that they had indeed received 10 bundles of joy, 7 boys and 3 girls. The happy grandmother of the decuplets Margaret Tsotetsi said the babies had been born to Gosiame Sithole on the 7th of June. The department of health however has realised a statement to the contrary. “Following reports from the Independent Media group about a woman having given birth to decuplets the Gauteng Provincial government conducted a thorough check with all hospitals in the province. None of the hospitals in the province, public or private have any records of such a delivery in their facilities,” the statement read. Word on the street says the department of health will be taking legal action against the family for misleading the public.

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