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Nota Calls Slikour OUT – The Tea World

Nota Calls Slikour OUT

Nota calls Slikour
“I’ve spoken to him about this and I told him go f* yourself. The last text message I sent to Slikour was saying go f* yourself. I told him over the phone, I said you’re a fucking cunt and I’ll say it anywhere and everywhere and there’s nothing Slikour can fing do about that,” these were Nota Baloyi’s words as he ranted against Slikour on an Instagram Live. Nota continued by calling Slikour the C word a couple of times more. He added that Slikour would always be one even if he came to him, begged for mercy, apologised and corrected himself. Nota went on to say he had no respect for Slikour because the musician pays for his children’s school fees with money other people worked for. The music executive went on to mention that Slikour on life was built by Slikour taking credit for other people’s work. “You can’t build Slikour on life and that business taking credit for other people’s work. You’re a fing c*** for doing that. Feeding your kids without giving me my due credit, why are you doing that,” Nota asked. Slikour is not the first to get blasted by Nota who is known for voicing out his opinion on everything and everyone but by far he has definitely been at the receiving end of his anger more.

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