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Thuso Mbedu Mocks Her Trolls – The Tea World

Thuso Mbedu Mocks Her Trolls

Thuso on her new accent
Thuso Mbedu is the lady of the moment and that comes with a lot of scrutiny and criticism. Recently she was on the Ellen DeGeneres show for her very first TV interview done in person and not virtually. “I can’t tell you how amazing you are. Oprah and I were talking about.. and of course, loves the show. I was telling her (Oprah) that you were on today and were both in awe of you. You are incredible,’ Ellen told Thuso. She then asked Thuso to give her audience a brief description of what The Underground Railroad was all about. As Thuso answered people could not help but notice that her accent had changed and according to some she was now using an American accent.
This time Thuso refused to be bullied and mocked the trolls in a video she uploaded on her Instagram stories. Loosely translated Thuso said, “I see a lot of you commenting about my accent. I’m not gonna get into it now but I just wanna say I have not started that was just the beginning. What you hearing now are just some of the habits I have picked up because of the type of people I hang out with. People that day will cry out blood when I speak such an accent. You may continue.

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