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Dj Lamiez Claps Back At Trolls – The Tea World

Dj Lamiez Claps Back At Trolls

Lamiez claps back
DJ Lamiez Holworthy clapped back when a fan told her it was unfair of her to not give her husband Kuli Chana children. It all started when Lamiez revealed that the thought of her in-laws trying to box her in had been her biggest fear about getting married. But luckily for her in-laws got her and accepted her. She added that society and its unrealistic expectations played a big role in why people were scared of marriage like ‘You’re a DJ who will marry you?’ or ‘with so many tattoos will you ever get married.’ “Society constantly measure a woman’s worth by the above and it’s exhausting cause not all women want to have kids or get married and that’s okay,” Lamiez tweeted.
This tweet was the last straw for one tweep who accused the DJ of having everything she wanted in life and not give Kuli a child. The tweep went on to ask why the couple weren’t having children, “Don’t you want a child or Khuli doesn’t want a child or is it because you guys can’t make a child?” it is then Lamiez pointed out that it was none of the tweep’s business, “You’re a joke. The point that I just made flew right over your head neh? Imagine a whole adult like yourself so invested in my life. Tell me how any of this is your business also.”

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