Ifani Shades AKA At His Lowest

Ifani shades AKA
Rapper Big Xhosa is on a high right now and that is because his latest single Lemon Paper Freestyle featuring SOS had reached over a 100k views in less than 24 hours. In case you are wondering who SOS is, it is Big Xhosa’s rapper name, a more focused and serious version of the Big Xhosa we known on social media. So essentially it’s his song featuring his alter ego.
Big Xhosa also collaborated with fellow rapper Ifani on a song called Ikuku. Ifani announced on twitter that they were done shooting the music video for Ikuku and heaped praises on Big Xhosa. In the post he also shades AKA, showing that he is far from getting over his beef with the All Eyes On Me hitmaker. “Music video done (Ikuku endala), Big Xhosa is a dope kid, a young dyan. A great soul. I wish him all the success I had and more. And no downfall like me. No AKA-like people killing his dreams. And I wish he nyams his crush unlike me and Boity. Now I’m back in studio,” Ifani tweeted. Ifani clearly has no issues with kicking a dog when it is down.

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