Black Coffee Loses Artist Because Of GBV Allegations

Holly Rey distances herself from Black Coffee.
In an interview with Sunday World singer Holly Rey revealed that she had parted ways with the record label she used to be signed to which is Black Coffee’s Soulstic Music record label. The reason being she wanted to be an independent artist and because has her own record label called Rey Music. The decision came just in time as the one year contract she had signed with Soulstic Music was reaching an end. However Holly Rey only made the move public because of the GBV accusations being levelled against Black Coffee by his ex-wife Enhle Mbali.
“I left the record label earlier this year because I realised there was much more I can do as an independent artist, and then the scandals came through. At the time, I realised that my move would make better business sense and with everything that is happening. I’m just glad that I successfully released my single and will be releasing an EP later this year,” she told the publication. The singer added that there was no bad blood between her and her former colleagues and she was still open to working with them in the future. “I loved working at Soulstic Music, but with everything that is happening, I think it is best that I work on myself on my own way,” Holly Rey said.

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