Rapper Reason Reveals His Informative Time With Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa advises Reason
Rapper Reason shared that he had gotten some great advice from Zodwa Wabantu. He said several people had approached him telling him that other people were talking about him behind his back. He then bumped into Zodwa Wabantu at Durban Gogo’s party on Saturday. Reason shared that Zodwa said she was happy he was doing his thing, living his life, happy doing him like changing his hair colour daily and experimenting with his music like one day he is with DJ Tira and the next with an Amapiano group.
Zodwa went on to say to the rapper, “You should be grateful because people out there aren’t doing them. First of all they aren’t happy. In a world where people aren’t happy, you seem to be and it seems like it’s because you are just doing you. People will talk when you do you, some will have negative comments some will share it because you are not doing them and you’re not behaving the way they think you should be behaving. So a lot of people will criticize, have opinions and make jokes about it. But at the end of the day you’re here, alive, present, having a good time and happy.” And it was the right message at the right time for him because he realised all those people gossiping about him were just talking about him doing him. Reason added that his life is not perfect and he is making mistakes but he is doing him and he is happy.

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