Norma Mngoma And Malusi Gigaba Continues BLAMING each other

Norma and Malusi
It’s all she says this and he says the opposite and vice versa at the Zondo Commission as Malusi Gigaba and his estranged wife Norma Mngoma testify.
When Malusi Gigaba was asked about the BMW 3Series that he allegedly received from the Guptas he denied owning such a car and instead pointed the finger at his wife. According to Malusi Norma is an extensive accomplished liar and cannot be trusted. Case in point Malusi said Norma had told him she had a wealthy father who later died and left her a hefty inheritance. “I was to learn later that this so-called father was in fact her fiancée. All along I had laboured under the understanding that this wealthy father was in New York only to find out later that it was her fiancée who was living in Johannesburg who was well to do,” Malusi explained. Norma has hit back and said she has no idea what her ex-husband that she still lives with was talking about. “Those are lies of running away from answering questions at the Zondo Commission trying to paint me as an unreliable witness. He must tell you where that comes from because I don’t know what he is talking about and I don’t want to entertain it,” she told the Sunday Tribune.

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