This Is Why Somizi Mhlongo Remains An Icon

Somizi buys black owned bank shares
Whether it is buying chips from a street vendor or it is a buying clothes from Rich Mnisi you can be guaranteed that Somizi Mhlongo will support black owned businesses. It is not just something he preaches but something he lives.
Somizi did it again by buying shares of a black owned bank named YWBN. The bank had a own the bank share scheme which the Idols SA judge supported not only by buying shares but by speaking at the media briefing. The owner of the bank a Miss Nthabeleng Likotsi thanked Somizi in a tweet. “Thank you Somizi for the support at the YWBN Own the Bank Share Scheme media briefing, your words echo like a drum, ‘They had to oppress us because they knew what black people can achieve, but our time is now, black child we have arrived,” she said captioning her picture with Somizi.

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