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The Man Behind Takalani Sesami Moshe Is Revealed – The Tea World

The Man Behind Takalani Sesami Moshe Is Revealed

The man behind Moshe Takalani Sesami
Many people have often wondered about who the people behind the Takalani Sesame characters are. And many debates have been had as people thought they could tell who the people are just from their voices. Well one tweep whose handle name is Phasha Manapyane revealed the man behind the character Moshe.
“Lindani Nkosi (Lincoln from Isidingo) has been Moshe all these years,” Phasha’s tweet read. It seems many other people knew that Lindani played Moshe all along. Others said though his voice changed on the show they could tell all along that it was the same man who played Lincoln on Isidingo. Some accused Phasha of trying to ruin their childhood memories and claimed Moshe is Moshe. One lady in particular claimed that Lindani could not be Moshe because Moshe can breakdance and they couldn’t see Lindani break dancing. What most don’t know is that Lindani is a dancer, back in the day he started a dance group. It’s safe to say now that peeps know who is actually playing Moshe on Takalani Sesame it will never be the same for them.

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