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Your Ugly On The Inside ” Fans Tell Anele Mdoda – The Tea World

Your Ugly On The Inside ” Fans Tell Anele Mdoda

Anele told to eat makeup
Tweeps are convinced that TV and radio presenter Anele Mdoda’s pretty exterior hides a very ugly interior. And they did not mince their words as they told her so. She is not afraid to say what she thinks and stand up for it even when it goes against what the majority thinks. A trait that has not landed her on Mzansi’s most liked celebrities. Over the years she has said things that have annoyed people and as you know Tea Squad, the internet does not forget. One of them which always comes to bite her in the ass was when she called Kelly Rowland ugly and said make-up saved her.
Well this time Anele posted a picture of herself with a full face beat looking beautiful. And tweeps did not deny that she looked beautiful but they added that they wished her heart was as pretty. Here are some of the comments.
“Your heart needs a transformation as well,”
“If only you could be this pretty on the inside”
“Have you tried eating the makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too?”
Anele responded by blocking the trolls and said, “Nothing makes me smile like blocking these low lifes. It’s like cancelling their DSTV where all you can watch is channel 100. All you can watch is trailers this June on DSTV,”

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