MacG Speaks More On His Podcast

MacG answers his fans’ questions
In their most recent episode MacG and his co-host Sol Phenduka were live at Something Sosha where they hun out with fans of the podcast and answered their questions. One of the questions they were asked was how the controversial remarks they made on their podcast affected their careers outside the podcast. This was such a relevant question as it is rare that a month goes by without MacG trending on social media. And once their remarks about the LGBTQI+ community had some sponsors of the podcast dropping them. MacG responded that they are not controversial for the sake of being controversial. In his words, “What we strive to do is be as honest as we can be at all times and if people take it as controversy then so be it.”
On another episode MacG called out celebrities who apply the cancel culture selectively. This was after he had been dragged by celebrities for making insensitive LGBTQI+ jokes. He specifically talked mention Thando Thabethe who he said had kept quiet when DJ Fresh was accused of raping a woman. “These celebrities jump on because they just wanna trend and jump on whatever outrage is happening at the time,” was MacG’s scathing assessment of the celebrities who wanted him cancelled.

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