Aka Produces New A Song And A Fan Heard It

Aka fan heard new music
One of rapper AKA’s biggest fans and staunch supporters on twitter Rubu Thulisa has shared that the rapper spoke with her last night and shared that he was making new music. If AKA is anything like Adele and using the music as an outlet for his grief and heartbreak then the music is bound to be awesome.
“Spoke with Kiernan last night, he made me listen to one of his new records. That ish is fire. Trust me,” Rubu’s tweet read. Other AKA fans were glad to hear that their fav had reached out to her and asked her how he was and if she had recorded the call so that they too can hear the music AKA is working on. Rubu is not the only one who has heard what the fella in Versace hitmaker is working on. Musician Osco Mbo has also heard it and agreed that it is going to be a hit. “That new EP too fire, so tempted to bump it on my IG story but I have to respect the process,” he tweeted. It is good to know that tragedy has not robbed AKA of his passion for music.

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