Actor Siv Ngezi Fumes On Instagram

Actor Siv Ngesi posted a rant on Instagram where he gave his middle finger to all those people who stand up for causes just so they appear woke.
Siv started by saying, “What I’m about to say has been bugging me for a while. In South Africa, yes South Africa cause I live in South Africa. It’s so fashionable to be jumping on causes, trying to fight things and everyone is trying to be yes and appear woke and have all these sayings. And then it dies down and a few months later another case happens and yeah and.” The actor’s problem with all this is that all these causes are fighting symptoms and not the root cause of the problem. He continued by saying, “Everyone is talking about fixing symptoms of the issues that we have in this country. No one is talking about the cause. Why are people so violent, why are people so hateful and violent and doing things that are unimaginable? But once again it’s fashionable to jump on causes and fight them. But you’re not talking about the depth of the issues we have. Yes jump on band wagons be consistent and keep on going. But let’s be honest most of you don’t want to fix what the f* is wrong, you just want to be seen like you have an opinion and you’re so woke. Well f* you.”

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