Zozibini Doll Is Here And Mzansi Is Not Happy

Zozi doll
Many people including DJ Zinhle and actress Zenande Mfenyana have been promoting the idea of a Zozi doll, that is a doll made in the image of former Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi. Probably because Zozi has inspired so many African little girls by showing them that they are beautiful in their natural form.
Sri Lankan celebrity doll artist Nigydolls decided to make that wish a reality and made a doll in honour of Zozi. The doll is wearing the Xhosa inspired dress that Zozi wore during the 2021 Miss Universe as she walked one last time as Miss Universe before handing over her crown. One Zozi fan excited by the concept posted the Zozi doll on twitter but most people were underwhelmed by the doll. To most people the only thing on the doll that resembled Zozi was the dress. Others were confused by the brand name Nigydolls because they thought it was coming from the derogatory term Nigga. But some were just happy it existed and asked where they could buy it fir their daughters. One tweep decided to defend the creator if the doll and pointed out that dolls never look exactly like the person they are intended to and gave action figures fir an example. What do you think of the Zozi doll Tea Squad?

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