Sithelo Tries To Separate Andile And Kamo?

Sithelo plots to separate Kamo and Andile
The plot has just thickened in the Andile Mpisane, Sithelo Shozi and Kamo Mphela love triangle Tea Squad. SurgeZic got a source close to the family who spilled all the tea. According to this source Andile and Kamo were an item first and Sithelo is the one pushing the narrative that Kamo is a homewrecker. “Andile’s mom knew and approved of her son’s relationship with Kamo who is very private about her personal life. Hence Sithelo’s pregnancy came as a shock to her but she stood by her son and embraced her grandchild,” the source revealed.
SurgeZic also reported that the source had told them Sithelo had asked a good friend of hers who was Shauwn’s stylist to introduce her to Andile. And then in a bid to eliminate Kamo, Sithelo had fallen pregnant but instead her pregnancy had brought Kamo and Andile even closer. The source also added that Sithelo was now using her baby girl to demand things from Andile like a new home and a brand new Maserati. And threatening to keep Flo away from the Mkhizes’ if they don’t play ball. The publication revealed that just after the source had talked to them Andile posted Sithelo’s picture for the first time, officialising their relationship and it alleged that this might have been one of the demands Sithelo made.

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