Ntando Duma Leaves The Queen To Mexico

Ntando Duma leaves the Queen
Actress Ntando Duma has landed a Netflix gig, this means she has to leave the character Mpho Sebata that she played on the Queen. This is good news for her and even better news for most of the viewers of the show. Her acting had received a thumbs down. Many thought her performance on the soapie was mediocre. Ntando’s last appearance as Mpho will be around late June or early July.
Isolezwe contacted the actress who refused to comment and said, “I don’t have anything to say. I don’t know anything. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to say about The Queen. All I can say is people should continue to watch the show.” Ntando did not shy from speaking of the new role she has landed on Netflix though. Apparently she will be part of the AfroBeats in Cancun Mexico. “That’s really up to me. I’m going to Mexico. There are a lot of programs I’m going to be part of with other celebrities. I will also manage the programs under this event. I have a lot to do because I have a list of plans for them,” she revealed to the publication. Well good luck Ntando on your new adventure.

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