Musician Speedy Makes A Come Back

Speedy makes a comeback.
It’s been long since R&B singer Speedy gave Mzansi or the world music to jam too. But that is about to change, the singer told Daily Sun in an interview that he was gifting his fans an album. “I have my own album which I worked on with Nhlanhla Nciza and others. It’s a gift to fans,” he said. Speedy also said he was working on getting Bongo Maffin together again
The last we heard of Speedy he was moving to the USA and now he is back in SA. So of course it did not take long for people to say it is because he had run out of money, a narrative he disputed. “People think I’m back because I’m broke. I’m not broke. I’m here for two months and there (USA) for another two,” the singer said. He added that he was interested in living in both countries and had only moved to the USA to make music but decided to come back home where he belonged. Speedy also filled in the publication on the struggles he faces as a singer. “Like everyone else, I’ve had my fair share of struggles, which I’ve overcome and learnt from. Fame is a monster. People perceive you differently. I don’t want to live like that. I’ve messed up in the past. I’m working at fixing that,”he said.

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