Mihlali Ndamase A Hoe? How? Says Tug Zwe

Tug Zwe calls Mihlali a hoe
Rapper Tug Zwe released a dissing ditty that he dedicated to influencer Mihlali Ndamase. He posted the song on twitter and captioned it thus “A song for Mihlali. Giving head ain’t a job girl you better hustle for the dough girl, I’m just trying to let you know girl.
Tug Zwe added that, “Mihlali thinks she is better while she is not inspiring. We know powerful women behind closed doors doing better not these social media crazed hoes who think they are the best people to ever roam earth. These chicks like Mihlali think they run s***t they don’t. they just open their legs wide to get what they want, ain’t nothing inspiring about that.” When accused of hating black women the rapper said he was talking about hoes whom he hated, not about real models like Nomzamo Mbatha or Miss South Africa.
Too bad for Tug Zwe hours just after he dragged Mihlali for not having a job, Forbes decided to recognise Mihlali’s hard work and honour her as one of Africa’s 30 under 30. The rapper was forced to eat humble pie and tweeted, “Congratulations on Forbes 30 under 30 Mihlali. It’s all love no hate for you today.

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