Dj Lamiez Fumes

DJ Lamiez
“Me, I will not be boxed. I will not conform to your unrealistic expectations. Also bo ‘a lady should be.’ Y’all can gtfoh! A lady should be whatever the hell she wants to be,” this was DJ Lamiez Holworthy’s response to a fan who had asked her to sit like a lady and not with her legs opened.
The DJ went on a rant addressing all social media bullies and likened them to the bullies who drove Lufuno to her death. “Ever wonder why it pains you so much to see others genuinely happy and at peace with themselves. Why are you constantly looking for flaws. Always looking for reasons to bash someone else. Ka nnete, hurt people hurt people,” she said. Lamiez added that celebrities are treated like objects then villainised when they decide to give as good as they get. “I love what I do wholeheartedly but I hate all that it comes with. Y’all treat us like objects. Y’all also have all these unrealistic expectations. Then there’s the hurtful shit we’re submitted to Daily. And when we retaliate, we’re he villains,” she said. Lamiez ended on a positive note appreciating all those who show her genuine love and told the rest to block and unfollow her.

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