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AKA’s Fans Amazes Him – The Tea World

AKA’s Fans Amazes Him

My AKA favourite
AKA’s fanbase aka the Megacy is always looking for ways to show how much they support and appreciate the rapper. Especially now that he is going through the most. This time they have made the hashtag My AKA favourite trend. As the hashtag implies the fans are posting short clips or a verse from their favourite AKA song.
So of course the narrative that those who started the hashtag and are actively participating were paid was resurrected again. Something that the fans vehemently denied. “Lol so you are saying we got paid R100 to support Mega. Hayi wena na! I pay R100 subscription every month to support Mega’s app. So rest. It’s all love from the Megacy,” one fan said in response to the allegation. Another fan said, “It’s all his fans baby. Just fans appreciating his legacy. This is one thing you can’t take away from him. Our unconditional love for him. Y’all better get used to it.” I bet other stars are sbwling AKA’s fans. In the spirit of showing AKA some love at his lowest what is your favourite AKA sing Tea Squad?

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