“We Are The Rejects Of Life” Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa and TT Mbha
Musician TT Mbha said this in an Instagram post, “Dear 1978 – 1989. Please get married. You guys are causing traffic at the nightclubs.” Most people just laughed it off and told him to leave them alone. But exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu responded that no-one wants to marry that age-group anymore. “I’m going there now. No one wants to get married to us, we are rejects of life. Beyond repair,” Zodwa said. TT Mbha then offered to marry Zodwa. “Skhokho let me make you a second wife once,” he joked. His wife Esperanca Mbha would have a lot to say about that not to mention that TT Mbha is not Zodwa’s type, she likes them cute, young and dependant on her.

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