Siv Ngezi Is Put Under Fire For This

Actor Siv Ngesi’s alter ego drag queen Sivanna was under fire again on twitter. Siv posted a picture of Sivanna wearing a black and white pantsuit complete with a hat. “Don’t hate, just appreciate the queen Sivanna,” he captioned the picture.
But tweeps must not have read the caption because that is exactly what they spewed in the comment section. Many called Sivanna kak. But the comment that got Siv’s temper rising was one that accused him of profiting off queer culture and stealing opportunities from actual drag queens. In response Siv defended his actions but the actor must be tired of all the hate because he finished his rant by asking for people to give Sivanna a chance. He said, “Such bulls***t, all I have done is create events for drag queens. Haven’t made a cent off the events. They break even or lose money. But you’ll see what’s planned and you’ll see I am not here to steal. Please give me the benefit of the doubt.” This is not the first time that he has been accused of not being a true member of the LGBTQI+ community, when homophobic attacks were at a high and Siv did not condemn them on social media he was accused of the same thing. In his defence they must be safer and easier ways to make money than pretending to be a drag queen. what do you think Tea Squad?

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