Pebetsi Matlaila Turns Back To God

Skeem Saam actress Pebetsi Moloi took to Instagram to share that God had worked a serious miracle in her life last week.
“I have a serious testimony to share for another day. For now all I can say is I prayed and believed for a miracle within a nearly impossible situation. I only had a week to sort it out and right on time by Frida I received it. It can only be God,” the new mother said. God has surely been fighting for this actress in the past few months. Recently she shared that she had had a long hospital stay and that her life and the baby’s life had almost been lost whilst giving birth. In retrospect Pebetsi realised that the near death experience was what she needed to find her way back to God. “I realized now that my spiritual car was stuck for a while, my faith was running on empty. But I can honestly say my near death experience jump started my relationship with God again. I’m back and I am unashamed,” Pebetsi added. The actress and her princess who she named Qhawe seem to be in good health.

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