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Bishop Maponga Loses Viewership – The Tea World

Bishop Maponga Loses Viewership

Bishop Maponga no longer a fan favourite
Bishop Joshua Maponga has always been a fan favourite on Amabishop. The unapologetic way he voices his opinions no matter how controversial they may be has given him a staunch fan base. But his fans feel let down by how he defended Bishop Makamu on last week’s episode. So much so they cannot bare to listen to him anymore.
Viewers of the show waited for Maponga to grill Makamu mercilessly and point out the inconsistencies in his story but instead Maponga said that as men of the cloth they should stop talking or texting or engaging in any form of communication with woman because some young women in the church are manipulative and also said the way the woman in Makamu’s case had taken the audio to social media instead of court shows that the woman had wrong intentions. Maybe this is because Maponga himself was accused of something similar in April. Though Maponga issued an apology for defending Makamu, the damage was already done and tweeps felt he only apologized so as to appease viewers and keep his seat on Amabishop. So when this week’s episode aired viewers took to twitter to share how they were now finding it hard to listen or look at him and some did not even watch the show because of it.

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