A Fan Licks Ricky Rick On Stage

Fan licks Riky Rik shoes
Fans have done a lot to show their love for their favourite celebrities. From grabbing their junk whilst they perform to pulling them off stage and tearing their clothes off to fainting. But this Namibian hun takes the cup. Musician Riky Rick was performing last weekend in Namibian. A fan of his started licking his shoes whilst he performed on stage. The video has gone viral on twitter and tweeps voiced their disapproval of her action.
One tweep from Namibia said this lady had not only embarrassed herself but the entire nation and shared that she was feeling second-hand embarrassment. Two others started discussing urine drops that could have landed on those sneakers and germs they might carry. Another tweep hoped this video had not been taken during the Covid-19 pandemic not only because of the risk to the licker of sneakers but the venue he was performing was crowded and there was no mask in sight. To her disappointment the video was taken last week. One tweep understood what would inspire this level of obsession and said she would do this for rapper Emtee. Yes Riky Rick has given us some hits, but licking his shoes? What do you think Tea Squad?

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