Sarah Langa Says Her Divorce Broke Her

Sarah Langa
Social media influencer had some free time and decided to spend time answering some of her fans’ question. One of them being is she in a relationship. Now there have been some rumours flying about Sarah being in a relationship with DJ Black Coffee though nothing has been confirmed yet. But Sarah just called those rumours baseless when she answered, “Uhmm! No. I’m currently on a journey of self-discovery and healing. My divorce really f*d me up and broke me. I want to focus all of my attention on picking myself u again.” Sarah was referring to her divorce to Jehan who left her because he claimed she was obsessed with social media after 2 years of marriage. Some might think it would be too soon after their divorces for both Black Coffee and Sarah Langa but that hasn’t stopped people before.
Another fan asked her how she keeps her body in shape and if she followed any special diet. I’m afraid Sarah is another example of pretty hurts Tea Squad. the designer shared that she fasts every day, works out a minimum of 3 times a week and tries her best to eat clean.

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