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Makhadzi Muimbi Was Done Dirty – The Tea World

Makhadzi Muimbi Was Done Dirty

If you have been to Venda you already know just how much they love Makhadzi, its literally in every corner and it is not a surprise to bump into a car that is playing her songs with the volume on full blast.

However if you have not been to Venda, then you probably have a picture of how active we can be.

Having experienced so much love in almost every place she goes, Makhadzis songs have become an anthem to people of other provinces and languages as well. SADLY, this particular night Makhadzi was set to perfom like any other day.

As the crowed cheers , as they hype Makhadzi, one fan cut their joy short by throwing a can at her. How cruel. It really seems like that hurt her feeling to a point where the singer just said, “okay ndi zwone” as she says her goodbyes and walked out of the stage.

A group of people we are assuming to be management followed her and thank goodness they were able to convince her to return back on stage.

“We will not entertain the people who are sent to disrupt our event and we will enjoy regardless” she says bodly as she gets ready to dance.

It seems like this incident really poked her because she was even vocal and sarcastic about it on twitter as well.

“So vhathu vha vho tou mpika kana mini? . Khou amba Blondies!! Habe vhathu vho vha vho kelema. Venda your love is unconditional.”

In awe, Makhadzi says people were definitely aiming for her at Blondies where she was performing, but wrapped up all the negativity by thanking Venda for their love.

Some performers like Dj Tira have been victims of such as well .
It is demotivating when people do that, especially because these performers put so much work into their craft and the behind the scene as well. What do you think about this tea squad.

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