Lerato Kganyago Suffers Food Poisoning

LKG sick
LKG Metro FM presenter and DJ Lerato Kganyago shared that she wouldn’t be able to make it to her engagements because she was not feeling well. “If I tell you guys how sick I am right now, you won’t believe. I even had to work from home. Job ke job. I hate food poisoning,“ she said.
Lerato did not reveal what she had eaten that could have made her fell ill. But on Saturday she had a busy day with 3 DJing engagements, the first one at Secunda Mall with Somizi promoting bathu sneakers, the second one was soulful Saturdays at Biblo’s Café in the afternoon and the last one at Rock Lounge at night. And at each of the engagements they were photos and videos of her dancing and taking selfies with fans. This DJ really does earn every bit of her soft life. Get well soon LKG.

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