Bonang Matheba Is Not Done With Rea Gopane

Keeping up with the Rea and Bonang Matheba saga.
Previously on the Rea Gopane and Bonang Matheba saga; Rea had apologised for tarnishing Bonang’s name and saying Bonang is the one who had introduced AKA to cocaine, something he said he had been told by Scoop Makathini. Bonang’s seemingly harsh action to claim half a million from the 22 year old had some calling her a bully. Rea also continued to needle Bonang on twitter like he had no stress or worries concerning the R500 000 he now owed her. In fact he had promised viewers of his podcast that would fill them in on how he had managed to raise Bonang’s money.
Now that the 10 days have passed a fan asked Bonang on twitter if she had received her money. The media personality replied that Rea had been served summons which means he has not paid up. And Bonang is clearly not backing down. “He was served a summon a few days ago. Now gear 6,” Bonang replied. It seems Bonang has chosen Rea to be a lesson for anyone else who wants to get clout using her name. A lesson that a lot of people have already learnt because the word allegedly is now one of the most used words on Mzansi twitter.

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