Lasizwe Dambuza Is Inlove With His Doctor

Lasizwe Dambuza’s personality is such a germ, i tell you that. The comedian and youtuber’s personality doesnt dare sink even when he is not feeling well and that includes when he is not feeling well at all and infact at the hospital

“My whole Saturday is ruined” he said

Even with his life in the line, Lasizwe still bets to bag himself a D, even after the bad experiences he’s had with men in the past. And this time its his doctor

However what brought Lasizwe to the hospital is severe cramps and his  very thankful that he had cramps and wishes for more so that he gets to see his doctor more often

“I am in so much pain right now but this doctor could definitely husband me right now… WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MAN! WOW!!!! I think I should have cramps more often”  he said

Without wasting anytime, Lasizwe was already making means to get his doctors cell numbers. Imagine!!
“NO WAYS!!!!! This Doctor in this hospital is my type!!! He is so handsome… OMG!!!! Guys how do I ask for his number in a way that doesn’t give it away that I like him?”  He added.
Tea squad, how can one ask for numbers in a way that doesnt give away that they like the crush?

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