What Is Happening Between Zodwa Wabantu And Emtee

Zodwa and Emtee
Sensual entertainer Zodwa Wabantu uploaded a video where she is standing next to Emtee who has his arm around her. The video has no sound so we can’t hear what they are saying but Zodwa kisses Emtee’s hand twice before blowing a kiss and Emtee is just there smiling. Zodwa just tagged the raper as the caption.
So people were left wondering if there was something happening between the rapper and the exotic dancer. One fan even warned Emtee that he is next. Though the video did not give any in a relationship of flirtatious vibe but Emtee is exactly Zodwa’s type young and cute. Emtee is 28 to Zodwa’s 35. However he lacks one thing that Zodwa’s toy boys usually have and that is there are usually dependent on Zodwa money wise. In her interview with MacG Zodwa had this to say about being a cougar, “I love the attention. The energy that they have to follow me around. Help me with my travelling and driving. I love having attention from my man. I allow them to wear sneakers from Dubai. The t-shirt and jeans from wherever I travel to. I’m the one who gives them money.”

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