This Is What Mihlali Does To Remain Gorgeous

Mihlali beauty treatments
Pretty hurts Tea Squad just ask beauty and lifestyle vlogger Mihlali Ndamase. We always see her looking hit with a body that just won’t quit but today she took us behind the scenes to show just what keeps her body looking so great. And let me warn you right now Tea Squad, it’s a lot.
First came the easy staff and that was a video of a beautifier from Skin Renewal Morningside applying a peel to her face. Mihlali added a note informing her fans that winter was officially peel season. “Skin responds better to chemical peels during the cooler months of the year. Peels make your skin more sensitive to heat and UV rays, making cold weather optimal for recovery,” she said. Then came the fat dissolving injections. Mihlali showed a tray of the injections and they were too many to count Tea Squad. So first they used some sort of marker to draw boxes on her tummy so as to evenly distribute the injections, then the used a block of ice to numb her stomach. The actress must have been very cold because she asked if that part was almost over. Then next as one beautifier numbed the other side of her stomach another injected her. She shared that after this they did lymph drainage to make the treatment more effective and get rid of all the toxins from her body. Next time you envy or drool for Mihlali, ask yourself if you are willing to pay beauty’s high price.

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