Mohale Spills More Tea About His Marriage

Mohale says there is no divorce
Peeps are so certain that Somhale is no more. One day the two were wearing their rings, having each other’s surnames on their social media platforms, attending events together, posting selfies they have taken together and the next day they had just stopped all that and being the Somizi and Mohale people know. It didn’t help matters that already people thought Mohale was a gold digger, their alleged separation just a year after their weeding played right into that narrative. Their silence on the matter served as more proof that they were no longer together.
Mohale sat down with CityPress and told them the truth. That the two are going through some problems but divorce never entered their minds as a solution to those problems. “I am not getting a divorce. People are saying I am getting a divorce. Where guys? Marriages go through some things, ups and downs. So people take what they see and they run with it. There was just a phase like any other couple. Things are okay,” the Rockville actor said.

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