Dj Dimples Releases A Statement Regarding The Case

DJ Dimples
DJ Dimples is a rare find, men rarely ever admit to being raped even if they were raped worse if they are a celebrity. But this entertainer has gone as far as to open a case against a woman who openly admits that when they had sex the DJ was too drunk to remember his address. The woman then showed screenshots of the conversations she had with the DJ, one in which she demands he pay her gym membership as well as invites her to his gigs as conditions that have to be met for her to abort the baby they made.
DJ Dimples released a statement via his twitter that reads, “I have noted the various social media allegations by Ms. Mamdiarah ‘Kinky’ Diakoumpa. On the advice of my legal representatives, I wish to not address the matter any further, on social media or any other public platform. Nor am I at liberty to do so as the matter is before the relevant authorities.” He did take the opportunity to thank all those who have reached out to him and offered their support and words of encouragement.

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