Candice Modiselle Shares Her Everyday Pain

Candice Modiselle
Most people have expressed just how uncomfortable they are getting tested for Covid-19 because of how the sample is collected. We have seen people cringe, scream, cry as the sample is taken. Actress Candice Modisella allowed herself to be vulnerable on video as she showed her fans her reaction to the sample being taken.
The nurse instructed her to open her mouth and breathe. The actress’ facial expression changed as the swab went deeper into her nose from nervousness, discomfort then pain. When asked if she was good, Candice replied, “God damn. I’m as good as I can be y’all. I can never get used to this thing.” Candice added that she was ready for Covid to pack its bags ASAP. The actress also shared this was something she had to endure everyday, “Yes guys, I test every time I step onto the set. Every single time.” The actress is currently filming a Netflix drama series in Durban called Jiva! where she stars as one of the lead roles.

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