Candice Modiselle Raises Questions With Her Boyfriend’s Answer

Candice questions
Actress Candice Modiselle indulged her fans in a Question and Answer session on Instagram. And as usual the question regarding her relationship status was asked. Candice nodded and shook her head leaving fans even more confused. Maybe the relationship is at that stage where it is undefined yet or she is in a situationship. We will have to wait patiently for time to tell Tea Squad.
Another fan asked when the actress was having a baby and Candice saucily replied, “Ladies and gentlemen. This is your weekly reminder to stay out of people’s uteruses. Please and Thank you.” The Queen’s actress bagged a role on a Netflix drama series called Jiva! and a fan asked how she felt about being on Netflix. “I don’t think my mind has wrapped itself around the fact that I’m going to be accessible to a global market. But I’m excited my range was stretched in ways unimaginable. And I can’t wait for you guys to experience it first hand,” Candice replied. Jiva! is shot in Durban so fans were curious if she would consider moving to Durban. The actress shared that she hadn’t experienced enough of Durban to know if it could be an option for her and that outside of Cape Town, Joburg had the most opportunities in her line of work.

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