AKA Fans Shocks Mzansi With An Open Letter

The Megacy
They are fans then they are rapper AKA’s fans. AKA’S fans have proved themselves as loyal as or even more loyal than some of his family members and friends. The Megacy which is AKA’s nickname for his fans started a I Am Megacy hashtag, one that was meant to dilute all the negative things people were saying about AKA in the aftermath of his Thembekile Mtororo interview.
In a letter that could have been written by a lover The Megacy denied being paid promoters of the rapper. “This is a group of individuals who are not only intelligent but very fierce as well. In the years that our Idolo has been in the industry we went from being fans of his music to stans of the man himself. Insinuations of such intelligent people being part of Promo twitter is quite impudent actually. The greatest pay cheque we get on a daily though is having the greatest relationship with the man we named ourselves after. So all we ask is that you respect us, there has never been any payment made to anyone. We apologise that you can only wish to have such supporters,” part of the letter read.
It went on to say they would keep supporting AKA, flooding the TL with his content and protecting his legacy until kingdom come.

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