Hungani And Stephanie Ndlovu Tested Covid19 Positive

Hungani and Stephanie Covid-19 positive
Hungani Ndlovu and his wife Stephanie revealed that they had both tested positive for Covid-19 on their YouTube channel. Stephanie shared that the Friday before Mother’s day she had spent the day at a photoshoot. Then she had woken up on Saturday with zero taste and smell. She said she could not even smell something strongly scented like Eucalyptus oil. And she knew it was Covid. On Sunday Hungani started to feel unwell as well and they got tested. Their results came out on Monday and they were both positive. The Scandal! Actor shared that the worst part for him was being separated from his wife. “Besides from the loss of taste and a little bit of the tight chest. I think the most difficult thing was isolating from each other in the house, we were not sleeping in the same room. Pretty much not eating in the same space. Medically that’s whats recommended because of the spreading of germs,” Hungani shared.
Stephanie said the loss of taste and smell frustrated her the most. “Guy’ you will not appreciate certain stuff until you lose it. And especially things that you take for granted like your senses,” she said.

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