DJ Dimples Opens A Case Against This Lady

DJ Dimples says he was raped.
DJ Dimples accused a woman of raping him and has opened a case against her at the Sandton Police Station. The said woman received a message from the police making her aware that she was being accused of rape, she then approached a gossip page on Instagram and spilled everything.
According to this woman she first met Dimples at Cassper’s birthday party last year but nothing happened. They kept bumping into each other at parties until he asked her to chill after one party at a hotel. She mentioned that Dimples was too drunk to remember his pin, address or to drive. So she paid for their Uber and snacks. Once at the hotel Dimples paid for their stay and can be seen doing so in a video and she says they had unprotected sex three times. When they checked out the next morning Dimples who was supposed to refund her for the money she spent on Uber and snacks only gave her back a R100. So she says she was unable to buy morning afters. Instead she tried dispirin and coke which clearly didn’t work. When she told him she was pregnant she says at first he was okay with it and even bought her food she was craving but after a few days he changed asking her to abort because they were complete strangers. She even had screenshots showing her the conversation she had with the DJ who blamed her for not buying the pills when he gave her more than R300. The lady went on to blackmail DJ Dimples and said she would remove the pregnancy if he got her professional counselling afterwards which he agreed to as well as paid her gym membership as well as inviting her to his gigs.

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