Could This Be Black Coffee Cheering On Sarah Langa

Black Coffee’s voice heard
No one blames social media influencer Sarah Langa for trying to keep her affair with DJ Black Coffee a secret if the rumours are to be believed. Who would want to be dragged into his messy acrimonious divorce. But no matter how much they deny or keep quiet fans are convinced the two are dating and every post they make is scrutinised for any signs that point to their affair.
Case in point Sarah posted a video on her Instagram stories. In it she was jumping on this trampoline. Moghel was scared, squealing and kicking and at one point she said she was crying from the fear. The people around her were busy laughing at her theatrics. She shared that it was a throwback video she had found on her phone. Now what got people’s attention was the very male voice that could be heard in the video that people think belongs to Black Coffee. “You excited? If this thing snaps, yoh! Yeah. Open your eyes babe. Make her go higher bra. Whoa,” the voice could be heard saying and laughing. But since she said it is a throwback video one can’t help but wonder just how far in the past the video was taken and what it means if the voice does belong to Black Coffee.

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